Michael Angelo Williams

The world we live in plays host to both light and dark, good and evil, right and wrong. Humans have the capability to do both, but their choices are greatly influenced by the environment. The people around them, their lifestyle, and overall stability or lack thereof — are all part of a group of circumstances that play a critical role in which path an individual chooses to follow. For twin brothers E and J, from the moment they set foot into this world, the battle for their very souls had begun. E, wound up being seduced by the worst within himself, while his sibling J fought valiantly to keep his light from being devoured by the darkness. This ultimately led to a grievous fissure within the family. Pitting brother against brother, and son against mother and father. As their brood grows more and more fractured, J must figure out a way to reach his seditious sibling before he, and their family; are lost forever. A task which might require a little divine intervention.