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Michael Angelo Williams

Michael Angelo Williams was born and raised in the East New York section of Brooklyn. His early schooling at Catholic school ST. Peter Clavers in Brooklyn where writing, acting, and the importance of prayer was highly significant.  He completed the final year of high school in South Carolina in June of 1986. Graduating with honors in writing and awards in speech and drama. Realizing his purpose and god-given talent. In September of 1986, he attended Chowan College in North Carolina for 2 yrs where he studied creative writing, English literature and Biology. He is the father of 5 beautiful children and 5 grandchildren. The next 10 yrs Mr. Williams turned his attention to music and short stories. In 2002 he wrote and produced music album called fearless depicting the spiritual side and carnal acts of many African Americans that cause division within a nation of people. He talks of his book is to bring truth through fiction. A strong believer in the holy bible which teaches facts and strong spiritual faith. John chap 8 v: 32. Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. E & J strongly show these attributes. Twin brothers different in skin color and behavior shows a high example of creativity, physical art and holy expressions. Being fortunate to travel and live throughout many communities he was a member for several organizations helping the young with conscience writing, history and mentoring. 2011 he help found H.O.O.D a nonprofit org. focusing on proper eating habits according to blood type, art illustrating conscience awakening, eulogy’s for individuals and families experiencing death, and music on awareness for children in Atlanta, Ga. and throughout America. In 2016 hired as a co-writer for reality tv actor Damien Matthias “E- Love” Multi-Platinum award-winning music producer and executive writer for VR Innovator Inc. He is now the author of his first self-published fictional novel which he hopes to change the minds of many readers with truth and spiritual enlightenment.